The power of a story telling in Anatomy learning

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Academic teachers have a focus over “the day one skills”, those that ensures that undergraduates are well prepared when starting their first job. Others have been gaining importance, known as interpersonal and soft skills. One of the challenges of teachers is innovation and diversification of learning possibilities and the reflection on the students' attitude in face of proposed methodologies. When we think about actual student’s generations, we are aware that they enjoy social learning platforms and at the same time, we witness an increasing passivity of young people blasted with chaotic internet stimuli. In the learning process is desirable a correct development of thought and imagination, the mental process build-up of memories and perceptions recorded that origins reproductive and constructive imagination (the storytelling process). The pedagogic project that we discuss combines the construction of the animal body or its parts with an aesthetic valuation since semiotics are effective tools in the construction of knowledge. For the last 6 years, small groups of students selected an anatomical topic and represented it in models. The project provide cognitive effort and creativity. It has shown to be effective in developing the working memory, soft skills and joy and is shared through exhibitions.


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